In cooperation with Mercedes-Benz Auto Finance China, the new business concept – subscription model was chosen to test the current concept and explore the further potential. Subscription Model is a service product facing auto enthusiasts. By offering variable user packages, customers can constantly change their vehicles 11 times within one year to fulfill different purposes.

Design Sprint

Together with a diverse group, I intensively ran a Design Sprint in Beijing. Based on the current product concept, a few customers were interviewed at our dealership. Various insights and feedback were collected through the interviews. By using different methods and maps, these data were analyzed and more ideas were generated for product iteration. After the evaluation, several ideas were bundled as one concept. A paper prototype was created and tested with our customers. Based on the feedback gathered in the previous section, the concept was iterated and a wireframe was finally generated. Evaluating with the method “Six Thinking Hats”, further pros and cons, benefits and difficulties were collected and brought to a deeper internal discussion in order to support management decision.

Final Design

By using the wireframe as the main structure, a high-fidelity design was created following the brand design guideline. After the visualization, an interactive prototype was also built for further usability testing.

My Role

In this project, I joined mainly as a lead UX/UI designer and workshop moderator. I led and worked with other designers and business people to define pain points, brainstorm ideas, build prototypes, co-create wireframe, conduct user testing through different activities, and finally visualize the design with certain guidelines. Besides, as the workshop moderator, I also led the sprint process to make sure it follows the Human-centered Design approach.