Microsoft Word Copilot

About Microsoft Copilot Microsoft Copilot is an AI-powered assistant that helps users improve their productivity and enrich their experience within the Word application. Copilot is designed to help users remove writer’s block and assist in content creation and refinement based on the context of the document and the user’s needs. Creating patterns of how content […]

Pre-Inspection – Digital Retention

In 2017, Mr. Dieter Zetsche, the Chairman of Mercedes-Benz Group, together with other board members set up a strategic goal for the entire Mercedes-Benz Group. We want to raise our retention to 60% by the year 2022. In order to achieve this goal, in early 2019 our digital retention team started a project named “Pre-Inspection”. […]

Origo – Anti-Counterfeit Case Management System

About Origo Origo, a web-based case management database, provides corporate brand protection (BP) teams with a system that supports their everyday operations. Origo aims to be a useful and efficient tool for owners of intellectual property and BP teams who have a big desire to streamline the operations of case management, reporting, and data analysis […]

Tracy – Transparency Tool

Challenge on implementation of digital strategy in a large corporation With the deepening of digitalization, in a giant multinational enterprise, it is always a tough question how to steer, oversee, and measure the implementation of a digital strategy. Besides, in order to avoid overlapping efforts on similar products, how to create transparency and centralize the […]

Welcome Home – Self-sovereign Identity Based Mobility Experience

“DATA IS THE NEW OIL” is one of those famous simple mantras for the modern world. In this age of data economy, true company value lies in the collected customer’s data. This means data is an asset worthy of protecting and keeping. However, what companies sometimes forget is that the personal data of individuals processed by […]

Crypto Wallet – Blockchain-based Wallet

About The blockchain wallet is a digital wallet that allows users to store and manage their cryptocurrencies. Based on the technology and users’ needs, the main dedicated features in this app are “points” collection and management. Users can gather the different amounts of points from various service providers, besides the points as private assets can […]

Hatch – Open Innovation Platform

Challenges Innovation is unpredictable. It can happen anywhere, and everyone could be an innovator. In a large corporation, there are quite a number of employees around the world. It is very important as a company to motivate the employees to be innovative and brave enough to try their ideas which maybe even not their daily […]

Design Activities

My experience combines continuous in-depth research and exploration about the best human-centered design and innovation techniques, tools and approaches for UX, service and strategic design and about the connections between design, design thinking, innovation processes, and business strategy. What I am fascinated and engaged with all the time are from digital to physical experiences, from […]

Resume Animation

Like many children, I had a dream when I was a child that one day I could travel in space. This dream seems a bit impractical now. But as a designer, we have our own unique tools that can help me realize this dream in the virtual world. I decided to combine my resume with […]