The blockchain wallet is a digital wallet that allows users to store and manage their cryptocurrencies. Based on the technology and users’ needs, the main dedicated features in this app are “points” collection and management. Users can gather the different amounts of points from various service providers, besides the points as private assets can be used for other available services or transferred to other people. In this way, it offers an alternative of digital convenience for assets management.

Challenges on delivering an impression of security with an easy-to-use experience

Like the other financial services products, creating the impression of security and trust is a common challenge. Especially for this app, the new concept needs an image that ensures both easy to use and security. The objectives for UX are to build up the user-friendly flow to set up a secured digital wallet and at the same time to offer a delightful and reliable experience when users manage different identities. What is also in the scope of this project is to get internal or external partners’ and business units’ buy-in and eventually bring technology and product to the market.

Last but not the least, one of the crucial tasks is to define the visual design style. The visual design established is not just visually attractive but also compliant with the Mercedes-Benz design guideline.

My Role

As the lead UX/UI designer, I collaborated with the product team to identify both user and business needs, ensure these needs are transferred into a delightful UX structure. Besides, I led the end-end design to assure the user flow is iteratively optimized, screen designs are a state of art, and the deliverables are aligned with the technology team. 

A mature approach to ensure the outcomes

In order to better understand and interpreted the current design guideline, the meeting that all designers involve was proceeded to align on the project success parameters and expectations. I purposed to create one key screen for each of the five basic functions in order to define a design style. Once signed off during the checkpoint meetup, the design style will be applied to all other remaining screens. The final section of the project is about creating an interactive prototype that can be used to test the app experience and will also act as a guidance tool for developers.

Use Case 1 – Seed Phrase (Mnemonic Phrase)

Seed Phrase (Mnemonic Phrase) is a composition of 12 familiar English words replacing lengthy private keys that ensure access to crypto funds. This method is more human-friendly and easier to back up and pass on.

As found in the user testing and analysis, the process of creating the unique seed phrase in this app should be broken down into simple well-guided steps. Users can be clearly informed of the entire process information and can complete this step without panic. The interface, the animations, and the text nicely achieve this goal.

Use Case 2 – Voucher Redeem

Vouchers are another specially designed feature in this app, so more vivid and bold colors are added to the interface design to convey a stronger sense of excitement. At the same time, the card format of the interface is inspired by the design of the commonly used ticket management app. The micro-interaction animations also enhance the user’s interest in using the app.


After the testing with the users, the design clearly provided a more reliable and delightful experience. A more secure experience was perceived by users. The visual design is not only well-aligned with the Mercedes-Benz design system but also extends the component library based on product-specific requirements.

With the interactive prototype, the product was shown to both external and internal partners. In Berlin, we gathered more than 100 external partners or local shops showing their interest in joining the ecosystem. It brings a clear opportunity to extend the Mercedes-Benz ecosystem and be more sustainable by providing more mobility services. After pitching to the top managers, the product got 2.4 million Euros as the initial fund.

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