About Microsoft Copilot

Microsoft Copilot is an AI-powered assistant that helps users improve their productivity and enrich their experience within the Word application. Copilot is designed to help users remove writer’s block and assist in content creation and refinement based on the context of the document and the user’s needs.

Creating patterns of how content creators interact with Generative AI and then applying it across the platform is challenging. 

It is an exciting opportunity to explore new patterns of enhancing and transforming the creative process. However, as pioneers in crafting interaction patterns to guide other M365 product designs, we encounter numerous ambiguities and challenges, such as deciding between on-canvas and chat-based interfaces, incorporating prompt assistance, and establishing a new collaboration model. Moreover, continually acquiring an in-depth comprehension of technology, existing constraints, and future possibilities remains a crucial topic. It requires designers to thoughtfully consider and create a guiding north-star vision during the design process of the short-term MVP. On top of this, responsible and ethical usage of AI remains a significant obligation amidst the vast possibilities it offers. Lastly, when designing a product intended for a vast user base of hundreds of millions, fostering inclusivity and prioritizing accessibility must always be integral considerations.

My Role

Play a pivotal role in shaping the vision and driving the product designs across UX and partner teams, ensuring the readiness to facilitate both short-term MVP and long-term north-star vision. For various features, such as third-party extensibility and on-canvas experiences, I’m responsible to explore and define delightful E2E user journeys, guarantee an excellent UXUI to be delivered, and continuously optimize design details.

Actively drive the evolution of designs in alignment with rapidly changing business requirements, user needs, and technologies. Ensure the product’s development is on track to achieve the specified OKRs. Take proactive measures to collaborate across diverse product teams, ensuring design coherence extends beyond patterns to encompass various device platforms, including Win, macOS, and iOS.

As a senior design professional, I also have the responsibility to represent design perspectives to engineering and PM teams, as well as leadership teams. Moreover, I am deeply involved in mentoring and inspiring designers across diverse dimensions.

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