Like many children, I had a dream when I was a child that one day I could travel in space. This dream seems a bit impractical now. But as a designer, we have our own unique tools that can help me realize this dream in the virtual world.

I decided to combine my resume with my childhood dream to create a small video that belongs to me. At the same time, I also hope that while getting to know me better, I can bring some joy.


I brainstormed initial visual concepts. I found trying to define visuals at this loose stage gave me a better idea of what imagery was clear and in line with how it’s explained.

Knowing I would be using Adobe After Effects to animate, I illustrated rough concepts in Adobe Illustrator to test them out and see whether they visually fit and could flow from one point in the script to the next.


Next, I prepared the files to be imported, i.e., refined layouts and organized design elements for grouped animations for Adobe After Effects.

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