The aim of this project is to develop a digital and scalable pre-inspection solution, in order to turn a pain point of leasing customers into a business opportunity and increase retention

Research – Expert Interviews

In order to have a deep and clear understanding regarding the topics, such as inspection, leasing, and retention, several workshops were organized together with both internal and external experts. Lots of insights were collected during the workshops. And these insights were used as the foundation for the next step “Hypothesis”.

Hypothesis – Ideation & Prototype

By using expert interview data as the backbone, 6 hypotheses were gathered and transferred into storyboards. After the evaluation, 3 hypotheses/storyboards were selected to develop further. Based on the services which were shown on the storyboards, 3 simulated service advertisements were created. And with several times internal tests and iteration, the final storyboards and service ads were used as initial prototypes in the user research.

User Research I

In total, three locations (Beijing, Chicago, and London) were selected to run the user interviews. For each Location, 5 interviewees were invited to join the research. By using the prepared interview guideline, the participants were firstly interviewed with a focus on their current experience. After that, the service ads and storyboards were shown in order to gather some more concrete feedback regarding the hypotheses. All interviews were recorded and brought back to Germany for further analysis.

Design Iteration

Following the Design Sprint, firstly, all records were reviewed in order to recall and emphasize all findings and opportunity areas. After the analysis, the hypothesis “Web App Service” was proved both by customers and internal teams. And this hypothesis was determined as the final concept to go further. In order to make the concept concrete, more detailed ideas were generated to cover the different user needs which were unearthed in the user interviews. By involving these new ideas, the storyboards were also iterated several times. And in the end, as an addition, a digital app prototype was created in order to understand more details of customer behaviors.

User Research II – Concept Testing

With the iterated prototypes, various insights and feedback were clustered to improve the design, both for the service and the app.

Customer Journey & Service Blueprint

In order to show the overview of the service, a customer journey was synthesized by using the prototypes and the customer interview quotes. Besides, based on the customer journey, a service blueprint was also defined to get a deep understanding of all possible stakeholders. Until now, the product was clearly defined. By using the service blueprint, all stakeholders could be easily on-boarded and aligned for the next steps.

My Role

In this project, I joined mainly as a lead designer and responsible for UX & concept direction. During the time, I led and worked with other designers and business people to define the pain points, brainstorm ideas, build storyboards and prototypes, co-create wireframe, conduct user testing through different activities, and finally visualize the design.