Design A User-centered Go-To-Market Strategy for Bosch

With the resurgence of the US construction industry in recent years, as well as a growing number of advanced technologies that need to be integrated into the construction manufacturing process, the construction industry nowadays is facing greater challenges and more opportunities than the past.

As the leading enterprise in the industry, Bosch needs to grasp the new opportunities in fierce competition, enhance core competitiveness, create new value and maintain current economic success and a leading market position.

However, a new Go-To-Market approach is the key pain-point of most existing consumer goods. Besides Bosch’s existing brand strength and outstanding competencies in power tool manufacturing, strong customer support, user-centered service design could be another important way to help transform this pain-point into one of its key unique selling points.

In this context, this master thesis explores more feasible and beneficial enhanced Go-To-Market strategies for Bosch Power Tools & Accessories North America to explore the potential market by using the user-centered service design. Newly created service scenarios serve as three Go-To-Market steps for Bosch to be the rule-maker of the market. Including, a user interface design is proposed which can support the service to proceed more effectively and provide a more impressive experience for customers.

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