When it comes to different markets worldwide, steering and sharing projects and products are always an issue. In order to avoid overlapping efforts on similar products, how to create the transparency and centralize the information are currently common topics for large corporations.

Workshop Design

With the aim of creating transparency and data centralization, a large global internal research was implemented in 2018. Before all research workshops, I joined this project in its early stages. Together with a strategy team, a workshop process was defined. In order to support the process and make it smooth, several maps, cards, and an instruction book were thoughtfully designed which would be easily used in the research workshops to collect user insights.


The research was run in 11 locations across 34 markets globally. Various people participated in the workshops, with different knowledge backgrounds, from staff level to senior managing director. Tons of data were collected and delivered to the headquarter and analyzed systematically by various methods.

Concept Refinement & Design Kick-off

With the analyzed data, several product ideas were defined. In this phase, I was mainly responsible to spearhead the UX and UI direction. During the phase, a tool structure and several basic UI components were created in order to keep a consistent visual design. Working closely with developers, the design has been implemented and launched in 12 markets with more than 1000 active users so far. We are seeing it attracting more users and users getting benefits by using this tool.

Constant Testing/User Research

User testing and research were still constantly run with users from different locations. The iteration of current design and new features would reflect exactly user feedback and potential future needs.